Write Anyway

If people were to look in my laptop I think most people would shake their heads. I have 6 blogposts just sitting there waiting to be finished. I have chapters to a book that are not complete and not put together. I have to do lists that are long and old. I have homeschool notes all over the place trying to bring the kids school year together so we can actually start. Yup, that’s my Mac Notes Application: full of incomplete work. It is similar to life: lots of starts and lots of attempts. Can you relate?

So where do I go from this mess of incomplete work? Do I stop because I didn’t make my weekly deadline to publish a blogpost? Do I give up on the thought of finishing a book by October 6th? Do I waller in the should haves and could haves . . . or do I change my perspective? What if I changed the story in my head?

If people were to look in my laptop I think most would be amazed. I have written and published 8 blogposts in 8 weeks where writing had previously stopped completely. The talks of someday writing a book have now materialized into completed chapters and a lot of content for various chapters with an impending first draft deadline of October 6th that can actually be accomplished. The long and old to do lists also contain many completed projects. And, the homeschool notes that are all over the place have materialized into the start of a full year program while we live in the road of unknowns.

I believe many of us look at all the perceived failures, mishaps, our incomplete work and decide to quit, to give up as if all of it went to waste. What if we are able to change our perspective and use what we have done, what we did do and grow from there?

I could stay frustrated because some of my writings are not coming together or I can keep writing knowing it will come together. I could stay frustrated because in spite of everything we are doing Ryan’s health still sits at a very fine line that can dip into either side of life and death. I could stay frustrated because our plans of traveling the USA came to a crashing stop . . . I could stay frustrated about everything and anything in our life . . .

Or, I can be thankful. I can be grateful.
I can take what I have and create beauty from it.
I can take what I have knowing I am further along than where I started. 

In spite of the obstacles, of the frustrations, I can write anyway.
In spite of life’s challenges, life’s situations we can choose our perspective.

We choose the story we write for our lives. 


~Caroline Luelf
Live Loved,
Live Free. . . Because YOLO!

5 thoughts on “Write Anyway

  1. Dearest Caroline thank you so much for your writings I read them quite often you are such a strong person God gives you and Ryan strength every day keep doing what you’re doing climbing the mountains of life.
    Praying for you all may God bless

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  2. Caroline, it seems that you have been looking into my life…lol
    We love you guys and are following your beautiful journey full of life and challenges.
    Be strong, keep pushing forward and love and happiness lay ahead.
    You will always be in our prayers and thoughts…

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