We watched from afar. Unsure if to believe. Unsure if we understood. Unsure what it would bring. Unsure what it would cause. 

Then comes end of March and the alarms are sounding that April 30th is a hopeful date for the end of the “social distancing” and “shelter in place.” 

So we sit.
We wonder.
Is it a pandemic? A planned-demic? A scam-demic? A reckoning of God? A shift from Mother Earth? 

So we sit. 
We wonder.
We may even come to conclusions.

Irregardless of what IT is . . . there’s a reality . . . 
My kids are home 24/7.
My financial future is in complete uncertainty. 
My goals, hopes and dreams stand in balance.

Uncertainty is what is certain. 

The opposite of uncertainty isn’t certainty because certainty doesn’t exist. The opposite is empowerment.”


So we sit. 
We wonder. 

On one hand, we can figure it out. 
On the other hand, we hold everything loosely. 

So we REACH.
We reach for words.  
We reach for the possibilities.

We reach. 

We stand in possibility.
We stand in creativity. 

What is possible?
What can I create? 
What can I stand for? 

Is it possible to have the deepest connections with the ones we love simply by reaching out in creative ways? 
Reaching for the phone to make a call.
Reaching for the phone to connect thru video.
Reaching for the phone to create a beautiful message. 

What can I create?
I can create my reality based on the stories I tell myself. 
I can create my response based on the emotions I dwell in.
I can create love and connection thru my creativity. 

What can we stand for? 
We can stand for love. 
We can stand for compassion.
We can stand for understanding.
We can stand in empathy. 

Irregardless of our beliefs, our opinions and our predictions of the near future and what is; we can stand TOGETHER in UNDERSTANDING, in COMPASSION, and in LOVE. 

At the core of our human-ness, what we stand for is the reality that we create. 

Live loved, live free . . . because YOLO!
~Caroline Luelf
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(Mike B. I dedicate this post to you. The song that you shared with me a few weeks ago has been held in my heart since our last moment together. I look forward to reuniting again.) 

One thought on “REACH

  1. I love your writings. What power do we have when those that have evil intentions and plans to recreate a world that will have all of humanity vaccinated and microchipped in order to exist as we know it, to drive a car or to fly on a plane?
    How can we change 5G that many think is the real virus that allows our cells to destroy our body. Did we come this far to only come this far? Sure we beat cancer but how do we fight these evildoers?
    Food for thought!! Love you❤️


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