Freely Funded

It’s Time You Got The Help You Need and Deserve.

Freely Funded takes the guesswork out of fundraising and guides you on a clear path forward by answering the questions and providing you with a proven strategy, insights, and practical steps to raise the funds you need to cover treatment costs, reduce the stress and heal on your terms.

As someone who has battled for my life; 2x Stage Four Cancer Overcomer . . . I know where you are and where you have been. My unique perspective of healing while simultaneously fundraising brings forth the tools and answers to prepare a path for you.

Millions of people around the world are diagnosed with CANCER.

What do all these people do about the MONEY it requires in order to heal, overcome, and live beyond their diagnosis?

How do they all PAY for it?

I was in this boat 5 years ago and that is when a friend mentioned fundraising. I seriously don’t know how I would be alive today if it weren’t for fundraising. I raised a significant amount of money and I want to help others do the same.

I’ve put together a first of its kind “Fundraising Course” that takes people through every thing you need to know to raise the funds you need in order to heal on your own terms.

This is fundraising without the FEAR!

It’s Time to Fund Your Self!
for only $49 . . . it’s time to heal on your own terms!

Email us at:
for a one-on-one consultation and to get started with the Freely Funded Program!

Welcome to Freely Funded.

Created by survivors, for survivors.
Supported by supporters for supporters.

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