MY MESSAGE to those dealing with cancer, a.k.a. dis-EASE

The Corona-Virus is similar to our cancer journey. A time for pause. A time for reflection. A time for creation of deeper and beautiful relationships . . .

Cancer is here to save your life not take it. It’s a message. Lean in. Tune in. Talk to it. It’s a divine tap on the shoulder to awaken you to greater human consciousness. Most of the world believes cancer is an outside invader that randomly attacks people with cosmic bad luck. If that’s the case then everyone who is diagnosed is essentially a victim and is disempowered. My journey caused me to discover that I was the source of my dis-EASE. The cancer was an external mirror reflecting back an internal state of being. This was the best news ever because once I realized I was the source of my dis-EASE I was then empowered to learn to become the source of my well-being. I made peace with death. I took my power back and I threw myself into the process of transformation. Cancer has become the greatest gift ever for me, my wife, Caroline, and our 3 kids. 

Take a deep breath. 

Look at your situation from a elevated perspective and go deep within. 

Quiet your mind. 

Tune out the noise. 

The answer you are looking for is already inside you. 

. . . to help you find your answers . . . We meet you where you are. Whether alternative treatments, conventional treatments, integrative treatments or no treatments. Where you are is where you are. There is no judgement, no should be, shouldn’t be’s. It’s simply a path each one of us choose . . . and we meet you right where you are. Embracing YOUR journey. Caroline and I share our healing journey to be a light in the darkness and heaviness of dis-EASE. We welcome you to join us, read our blog, listen to our podcast, join our collective and consider our coaching program. 

“We sit in a field with open arms embracing you exactly where you are and we bring you thru a journey of empowerment that allows you to transform and transcend into the powerful human being that you are to be.”

This is what Caroline and I live for. To show you a different way of seeing life and experiencing life. 

May this blog inspire you to make a shift in how you approach disease so that you can learn to live at ease with yourself, your body and those around you. .  . because YOLO! (You Only Life Once) 

^^^Pictures from our cancer journey.^^^

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Our outward behavior flows from our state of inward being.

~ Caroline Luelf

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2 thoughts on “MY MESSAGE to those dealing with cancer, a.k.a. dis-EASE

  1. I’m the girl that met you at the Clemson National Chsmpionship game in Tampa, FL. We miraculously got into the game! I was amazed by your health story and journey. You are such an inspiration!

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