The Results: December 2016

November 21, 2016.
The door to our patient consulting room swings open. The doctor starts walking in, stops at the threshold and the word, “Wow!” comes out of his mouth. The statement, “You look good!” follows his shocked face as he stares at Ryan. We had not seen the oncologist since early September and it sure seemed he was surprised to see Ryan doing so well. I smile. Ryan smiles. He proceeds to walk in and starts asking the usual questions. A routine examination follows. No physical lumps or bumps were found. We have casual conversation and the doctor asks if we have any concerns. There are none. He asks if Ryan wants to continue Rituxan on a pre-determined schedule as Rituxan is commonly used as a maintenance drug. Ryan answers with a no. The oncologist nods his head as he knows we are not the normal patients. I like to say we are the crazy ones. I’m okay with being crazy. I’m okay with that label because crazy means I’m crazy enough to believe the body can heal . . . which is far more than killing a cancer cell.

We appreciate our oncologist as we have developed a respect for him. He has kept Ryan as a patient even though we balk the standard of care and we appreciate him for allowing us to take a different path and still be his patient. He is cordial, we are cordial. It is a good working relationship and we have learned to appreciate all aspects of care even those we do not agree with. It is part of our own growth journey.

After going thru the usual questions, all of us determine it is time for another PET Scan; time to see what is going on in the inside. He casually states, “I’ll just call you if there is anything to discuss . . . I don’t think they’ll be anything to discuss so I’ll just see you for a follow up in 3-4 months.”

I smiled. Ryan smiled. It is what we already thought.

<<<PET SCAN and Radiation Detoxification>>>
Ten days later on the morning of Thursday, December 1, 2016, Ryan’s PET/CT Scan is finished. He took tinctures to reduce the effects of radiation. He drank a high amount of green juice to help his body filter out the radioactive dye. He took a double dose of the Greens Powder that we highly recommend for general health lifestyle. Ryan had a high dose Vitamin C infusion in the afternoon along with plant based food to  reduce the radiation effects of a PET Scan. He also started a higher than usual dose of certain supplements such as iodine, fucoidan and magnesium for 2 weeks post scan to, again, hopefully reduce the radioactive (radiation) effects of the PET Scan. Ryan also spent time in the Sunlighten infrared sauna that evening and many days following to allow his body to sweat the toxins out. 

(Did you know that a PET Scan causes the patient to be radioactive? Much to say on this. Check this out: stated that one study estimated that the CT scans performed in 2007 are related to some 29,000 future cancers.)

Because Ryan knows his rights and knows how to access his medical records, we were able to get a copy of the PET Scan results later that day.

Ryan forwarded me the results and I read. I read again. I re-read. I start cross referencing all the medical jargon that is not simple for me to read. Ryan and I believe it says “no signs of malignancy” but we want to make sure. We send the results to a handful of medical professionals including MD doctors and a surgeon. We send the results to a couple of other health professionals and wait. . . the next day we got confirmation from several doctors that what we read was correct.

And this is what we read:
Brain: Clear, as it has always been.
Head and Neck: Resolution since the last exam. (in other words, malignancy no longer found.)
Chest: Resolution of all areas. (in other words, malignancy no longer found.)
Lungs: There is still leftover fluid that has been there since the last draining in late June. The last time Ryan went to Interventional Radiology they stated there was not enough fluid to warrant a thoracentesis procedure. (There is always a possibility the lung can completely collapse if the needle punctures the lung sac so these procedures are only done if there is enough fluid to warrant it.) As noted on the radiologist’s report, the right lung has decreased on its own. The effusions will decrease as the body absorbs the fluid and lungs continue to heal.  As noted by the radiologist, the minimal uptake is related to Ryan’s surgical procedures to install and remove the PluerX catheter and many Thoracentesis procedures. (For me it means we have added certain supplements and therapies to help heal the lungs.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.59.39 PM.png

Abdomen and Pelvis: No abnormal tracers. Since the last exam there has been resolution of abnormal uptake (in other words, no signs of malignancy.)

Radiologist’s final impression:
Resolution of ALL SITES. In other words, no signs of malignancy!


In other words, “REMISSION!”


And, there you have it folks. According to the PET/CT Scan on December 2016, there is no signs of malignancy as conventional testing in the USA provides.

Amazingly enough, Ryan wasn’t fazed by the results when we discussed them after the input from various medical friends. I looked at him with questionable eyes asking, “why are you not more excited?” His response was simple:

“Because this just confirms what I already knew. And, these results do not change what I am continuing to do. What I will continue to eat. Our path is our lifestyle. My healing journey doesn’t stop now. It actually confirms that I must keep going. I will keep going. I will continue to progressively move to a higher and higher percentage of plant based eating. I will continue to heal my body. . . that’s the cure Caroline: healing, not just killing a cancer cell. In my opinion, the only way to a cure is to have long term change that results in the healing of what causes it in the first place. That’s where I am headed. I am continually healing my body. This is just a thumbs up and a keep going affirmation.”

The depth of Ryan’s words cannot be adequately expressed. The evolving beliefs from where we started to where we are at now has amazed me. The path we have taken has become so much more than just killing cancer cells. It has become a greater path to optimal health. A path to be a hope and an example to what healing can be for each of us. Healing emotionally and healing physically are the key components to an optimal life of health. It may not be easy. The path is not always clear. In actuality, at times it is as clear as mud. But it IS worth it.

If there is anything I hope the world can glean from our adventure it is this:

Our bodies are meant to heal. Our bodies have an innate ability to heal. We can heal from our emotional wounds and we can heal from our physical issues, but it is each individual’s personal responsibility to seek what healing looks like for them. This is part of each individual’s evolution: learn and be open to elevating our minds, our thinking, our diet and more.

(PS: Our most seen Facebook Live Video is from December 2, 2016. During this FB Live Video we went thru the entire PET Scan results and additional topics. To view this video, go to Facebook and search: Wisdom From The Recliner Volume 44.)

Live Loved,
Live Free . . . because YOLO!
Caroline Luelf


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3 thoughts on “The Results: December 2016

  1. Caroline…. wow… what a memory and yes we lived it and yes we do remember every part of this journey.
    You guys are amazing and we hope that your journey will last forever with happiness and love…
    Love you guys….

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  2. You guys are amazing and life altering. This is so much information we all need to know. I’m so very happy for you and your family that things are going well for you and Ryan’s healing.You deserve it. Thanks for sharing the details of such a personal fight for life. YOLO is for sure. Again I just can’t express how grateful I am. Keep the faith, much happiness and Good Health for years to come! God Bless!! Much love to you and your family.

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