On The Road Again . . .

On the road again . . .

After a hospitalization and the realization that Ryan’s health had taken a major downward turn we drove to Oceanside, California, at the end of August and stationed ourselves at Paradise by the Sea RV Resort. Early on those were some very tough times, scary times actually. Life unraveled and we lived one day at a time in our 350 square feet home just a five minute walk from the ocean.

Now, four months later we start our journey of 1500 miles east to our home base for the holidays. What an adventure this has been. Our plans were thrown completely upside down, but we found ourselves in the most beautiful spot, perfectly situated between CHIPSA (Tijuana) and Santa Monica (oncologist). We found new friends both in the cancer world and at the campgrounds. We found we could create a new cancer team by tapping into the resources in the area and meeting a local who has become a dear friend to us.  We experienced amazing kindness and hospitality by the RV Resort. We found yet again the power within us to face the harshness of what our reality presented. Thru the toughness of Ryan’s cancer recurrence Addison found a love for surfing, Arthur learned to hit tennis balls and Atlanta danced freely on the sand. We took solace in the ability to take long walks on the beach while marveling at the vastness of the ocean and the earth’s beauty, all the while learning that each day truly is a gift.

In life, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. We can plan, we can take a path we believe is best, we can be ready, we can live in the moment, but at the end of the day we can seem to do everything “right” and things just don’t go the way we hoped.

Our response is everything. We do have the power to allow what our minds think, what our hearts feel and what our actions will be. When we realize this we can embrace the messiness and come back to a place of peace and power. Peaceful is where I am today. Gratefulness is my come from.
Today we are heading ‘home’ for a few weeks. Tomorrow will tell us where we end up. Next year? Only time will tell.
Go live. Live adventurously.
Live Loved,
Live Free . . .
Because YOLO!
~Caroline Luelf


7 thoughts on “On The Road Again . . .

  1. As always Caroline you write beautifully and you are all so greatly appreciated.
    We are happy that you get to go back home for Christmas to receive even more love and caring.
    Have a safe trip, take care of yourself, much love to Ryan our ROCK and my “dude” friend for life and of course your wonderful kids…
    Looking forward to see you all back here some day with the assurance that 2018 will be the best ever for the Luelf family…. love you guys…

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  2. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with everyone!! I love the way you write Caroline! I’m so excited to see where the new year brings your beautiful family! Enjoy your time at home base and making the best memories ❤️

    Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season and a Happy New Year! Xoxoxo!

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  3. Caroline it inspires me how you are all able to make such a beautiful life out of the circumstances your family has been handed. To be so at one with the ocean and nature must be so soothing. Your family is getting to experience living life as we should all slow down and experience sometimes!


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