Living Life Fully

If there is anything I wish to tell anyone is to Love Yourself. Love yourself enough to take care of you and learn what is best for you. Living a healthy life includes, if not, it preludes daring to living life fully. 

What does it mean to Love Yourself?
Loving ourselves is about embracing our ‘human-ness.’
It’s about embracing ourselves and letting go of our stories that tend to box us in.
It’s letting go of what demands us to be something we are not or forces us to live in a way that we truly don’t want to.
Loving ourselves is about following our curiosity.
Loving ourselves is being okay with what interests us instead of worrying about everyone else’s interests or priorities.

Do we take care of ourselves? Have we learned what is best for ourselves?
Anyone that flies using commercial airlines has heard the line, “put your mask on first.” But do we really live our life with such priority?
Maybe you are drowning in the effort of taking care of someone else. As a cancer supporter there have been times when I was drowning. I was drowning emotionally, physically and mentally. Drowning meant that I had nothing left to give. Instead of being a bright light towards my husband, loving arms towards my children and patient towards the family I became anxious, impatient and exhausted.

My calling is not creating a five step plan to becoming a better you, but what I can say is that when I gave myself the okay to take care of me first it became the groundwork for pouring into others. We can’t give from an empty cup, so I learned to fill my cup first. For me this meant taking yoga classes, walking/running with my bestie, listening to podcasts, reading literature that interests me, sleeping, eating real food, taking naps and simply learning to say no. I wonder how many of us have actually taken the time to learn what is best for ourselves?

Are we living life fully?
Living life fully is not a cliche. It is an attainable way of being.
Living life fully is not measurable and goal driven; instead it is living in a way that comes naturally, from who we are.
Living life fully is not necessarily what we do, where we live or our hobbies. It is actually our way of being while we do all these things.
Living life fully is knowing that we cannot do it all, but we are doing what our heart’s desires guides us to.
Living life fully is knowing when to say no without feeling obligated to give an explanation.

For me, loving myself is taking care of me: emotionally, mentally and physically. When I do these three things, it means I am living a healthy life. By living a healthy life, I can live life fully.

Living life fully means being the real me: writing, pursuing my dreams and becoming an inspiration by just being who I am. Being who I am is accepting myself and living naturally thru it.

I wonder what it would be if all of us took the time to answer these questions for ourselves?

What peace comes from knowing you are living life fully?

I will leave you with this . . . climbing the mountain of self love is so you can see the world.


~Caroline Luelf
Live Loved,
Live Free. . . Because YOLO!

2 thoughts on “Living Life Fully

  1. Again, beautifully written! I need to work at saying no but as a caregiver to two at home adults with health challenges, and professionally work as a caregiver, it’s hard! I love and receive much love in a caregiver capacity yet recognize being depleted by my role. But I won’t have my role if I don’t learn to say no, will I? I’m trying!!

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  2. “…We can’t give from an empty cup, so I learned to fill my cup first.” I love that saying! What peace comes from knowing you are living life fully? for me is Happiness!

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