The Last Day: Next Steps, Part 1

(Ryan’s November/December 2015 supplements and healing protocol is below, keep reading/scrolling.)

The Last Day

Wow. What a hard day. What an emotional day. I woke up a little earlier this morning anticipating a full day filled with information, meetings and goodbyes. I should have known the day would be filled with strong emotions, including emotional goodbyes. But, who can ever be prepared for these types of situations?

After our morning breakfast, the doc was ready to see us. He took about an hour’s time ensuring I could take plenty of notes so we understood every supplement and how to administer Ryan’s vaccines. As usual, his conversation was never rushed and he ensured all our questions were answered. Basically, based on Ryan’s diagnosis we need to continue the treatments for an additional 90 days and afterwards we can re-evaluate and determine the next steps.

Here’s a quick rundown:
B12 + crude liver extract (daily injection) *edit: we changed the injections to Methyl B12 capsules later in
Potassium drops
Lugol’s Iodine drops
Acidoll (HCL + Pepsin)
Pancreatin (Pancreatic Enzymes, also known as Proteolytic Enzymes)
Thyroid Hormone
Flaxseed Oil (Organic, Cold Pressed Liquid Form)

Issel’s Denditric Cell Vaccine: 1x/week for the remaining 11 weeks (created from Ryan’s blood, to learn more read Day 7 post)
Tumor Autologous Denditric Cell Vaccine: 1x/week for the remaining 12 weeks (created from Ryan’s lymph node, to learn more read Day 7 post)
Coley’s Toxins: 1x/week until bottle is finished (just a few more weeks, to learn more go to the CHIPSA website)
Coffee Enemas (continue 5x/day) (here’s the Gerson Coffee Enema kit we bought)
13 Juices/Day
3 Gerson approved Vegan Meals/Day
Ryan loves smoothies made of organic frozen fruit with things like flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds

We also discussed additional therapies/treatments to be done locally:
Vitamin C infusions: 1-2x/week
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): 2x/week
Sunlighten Infrared Sauna (equivalent to hydrotherapy/hyperthermia): at least 3x/week
As a family, we’ll also continue going to the Chiropractor

To finish up our meeting, I went thru my list of supplements that Ryan was previously taking and supplements that I had been adding to the list that various sources had suggested:
Vitamin D3 + K2 with coconut oil for better absorption: since we won’t have access to daily sun exposure, especially during the winter weather in Oklahoma, Ryan will add 10,000IU daily.
Essiac Tea: yes! (there are a few teas allowed on the Gerson protocol: Chamomile, Peppermint, Linden Flower, Orange Flower, Valerian and Tahebo [aka Pau D’Arco] Teas, as always organic is preferred)
Colloidal Silver: 1oz daily or 1teaspoon 5x/day
Colostrum Powder in Ryan’s smoothies
YL Essential Oils: Frankincense topically over tumors (other oils may be diffused if needed)

The doctor took a moment to talk to us about over supplementing. While many supplements are great and have good intentions one must also take into consideration the whole picture. As you can easily see, our list of supplements, nutrition, therapy and treatments is quite comprehensive, so to overload the kidneys, liver and overall body can be contradictory to what we are trying to achieve. Because of this, we have chosen to set aside a handful of proven, effective supplements and nutritional foods at this time. Some of these include avocados, turmeric, Moringa, probiotics, broccoli extract, mushrooms and more. Let me reiterate, all of these are good for you and I fully believe all of these are cancer killers, inflammation reducers and immune boosters, but it is not wise to do it all. When we chose the CHIPSA Hospital, we chose a very specific, 70+ year proven successful program. The CHIPSA hospital was co-founded by Charlotte Gerson 37 years ago and several of these doctors have been treating patients effectively for all of these years, Dr. Lopez being one of them.

I fully believe that while we are in a world where technology and information is at our fingertips, it can cause information overload (see Information Overload blog post). It can also cause many to stop and start and stop and switch way too often before results can be achieved. For us, this is our path. We stand firmly and with full belief it can and will accomplish our goals. We hope for those looking to bring their bodies back to homeostasis and/or are supporting a family/friend’s quest to health that you keep this in mind. You can’t do it all, but what you choose to do let it be your choice. Your belief in what you choose has incredible power over your body. Your body will listen to your heart and your mind. If your heart and mind are decided then your body will respond positively.

We all have a path to choose in life … this is our path for the next 90 days.

Live Loved,
Live Free. . . because YOLO!
~Caroline Luelf

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Post Updated on December 2, 2018
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7 thoughts on “The Last Day: Next Steps, Part 1

  1. Good for you. We support your decisions and are praying in the gap. Smart choice not to go rogue at this point. You have been led to Chipsa and have put your heart and trust in with these folks. To stop trusting them now when you are launching out on your own would be foolish. Ryan’s been in this really nice bubble, coming home there are so many more choices and influences that it be be overwhelming if you were closing to consider them on your own. Heck, would probably turn into a full time information sorter job, haha😄 So thrilled for you all, your future is bright!

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  4. Hi
    I am so happy I found your blog. I hope and pray that Ryan is doing well:). Congrats on finding Chipsas! My dad was just diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer and we spoke with dr Lopez this morning. We were wondering if you would be will to speak with us about your experience. My email is sbboye@ I hope to hear from you:)

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