Information Overload

We live in a society where we have incredible access and tons of information that we can glean from. There are many books, articles, blogs and more which hold all sorts of points of view with data and statistics backing much of it. While information is good the overload makes it hard to decipher what direction to go. The opposing opinions make it even harder to determine what is best. Our society screams from all directions, everyone adamant that they are right. Ryan and I have experienced this in many facets of life: in business, how to raise kids, how to have a great marriage, what religion is, how to this, how to that, this is better than that, that way makes more sense, you should do this, not that . . . no wonder so many people end up frozen with no ability to move forward. It’s the deer in the headlights. The indecisions. The just ‘throw it out the window’ and go with what you have always done.

Needless to say, I have recently felt that conflict. I have felt the inundation of information to the point that my brain goes blank and I just stare at the horizon with no clue how to proceed. I would imagine most people have felt this way as well at some point in their lives, if not multiple times. I can only offer one answer: You Are Led. Every one of us has something inside that tends to guide our decisions. Some call it a gut feeling, some call it the Holy Spirit, a hunch, the heart and some refer to it as logicalness of their brain taking over. Personally, I choose to call it the guiding of the Spirit. I Am Led.

My hope is that decisions are not made out of fear. Fear is the opposite of all of the above. Fear is the opposite of peace. Rushing into a decision because someone has given you a “death sentence” is not a decision made out of the heart. In most situations there is time to take a deep breath and allow the information sink in. Giving oneself time to ponder, meditate, inquire and satisfy one’s questions and options is a key part to making decisions and being at peace. We have to make the best decision for ourselves. Not best for them, for your friends, for someone else, not what we (Ryan & Caroline) think is best, but you choose what is best for you. It may sound simple, but I believe that even in the midst of storms you can find peace. There’s a place where peace comes that surpasses all understanding.

I know this is true. Why? Because I have been there. And, honestly, so have many more.

Even after the decision is made, then even more questions come. Be still in your decisions, choose to follow your heart.

Three weeks ago today I had let Ryan know I was done. I was done researching, I was done adding to the ever growing lists of therapies, supplements and diet. I have researched so much, most people’s heads would spin and quit much sooner. Ryan at times would just look at me with a puzzled look when I would go over data, clinical trials and published medical material. I have read medical journals, studies, scientific research, looked into a dozen therapy centers and more. What I have found is that there is a LOT of data out there. And, honestly, there’s more than one way to eradicate cancer. Honestly, there’s hundreds of ways currently used around the world. I wish it was not this complicated or this hard. I have to remind myself that we do live on planet earth and to be thankful for the opportunity to have access to the information. But, at some point, enough is enough! It all starts repeating itself anyway. It’s no longer an intellectual decision, but a decision that comes from within. I had researched all sides and angles, it was time to stop and move to the next step. I knew what my heart was telling me, but I needed Ryan to come to his conclusion on his own. Less than forty eight hours later he did.

It was a Friday evening and Ryan simply said, “Caroline I need to talk to you.” My insides burst with excitement because we had not discussed our final options for several days and I hoped to hear the words I had already felt in my heart. While Ryan doesn’t need as much of the actual data, once he gathers enough, he is good to go. Ryan also gleans from life experiences, including the fact that a mere four months earlier his father went thru brain surgery to remove a malignant tumor for the 2nd time in eight years. All that Ryan had asked for was a few days to take it all in, a few days to go thru the options, a few days to let his heart be persuaded whichever way we needed to go.

To wrap things up, here is a post from Facebook that Ryan shared…


Best Advice given that I can pass along to all of you!

  • Pick a Specific, Proven Diet Protocol as this is the FOUNDATION for everything. It’s a LIFESTYLE change for the rest of our lives, period!

💥The Gerson Therapy is what I chose & I’m following it to a “T” because it works & has for almost 100 years at the the biochemical level of the body!

  • Stop trying to research everything & stop trying to do everything. That’s FEAR based. Keep it simple & believe it will work. Give it TIME!
  • There is no “MAGIC CURE” & you, me, us the patients we are the KEY. Attitude, Spirit, etc . . .
  • Slow Down, think, trust your gut & once you select a direction to go, be fully committed & sell out to it completely & NEVER 2nd guess yourself, EVER!
  • All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough! Live with the RESULTS!
  • Ask for help & invite others in, let them help you with the burden. Do not do this ALONE!

*** I do not claim to have any answers, cures for cancer, nor do I believe I’m 100% right. I’m sharing from my 💚 & from personal experience is all ~ much LOVE to everyone, especially those with CANCER!

~Ryan Luelf

In the end, we feel very strong about our decisions and move forward knowing we have made the right choice. We hope you are able to feel strong about yours. If you don’t, take the time to research. Don’t just take our words.

Live loved,
Live free . . . because YOLO!
~Caroline Luelf

4 thoughts on “Information Overload

  1. Wow! You guys are so strong….I admire your efforts to be so real! I have tried to follow, read everything yet at times, feeling guilty when I did, I just had to delete some of the information before reading…..too much….overload! So glad to hear it’s not just me…..the world is so big, can’t take it all in! I’m a granny, just broke my old flip phone and panicking trying to learn new one…lost all my contact numbers…..this ,for me, is the challenge of the year! How you guys do what you do and deal with it’s mind boggling! And do it with us watching! You deserve much praise….be strong….keep fighting….don’t care what people say….FOLLOW YOUR OWN WAY!

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  2. I totally understand the “information overload.” It happens just as you said Caroline..You study and study and it all starts to go in a big loop. I try to follow the advice of Chris Wark as closely as I can because doing this from home is different from being at a clinic. Much of the information is so contradictory out there. I just keep giving my body everything that is needs to build itself and soon, go and have my blood checked . Thank you for sharing this journey with everyone. This has to be so personal for you two.

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