Day One

We arrived at the CHIPSA Hospital late Monday night and immediately the nurse and Dr. Lopez greeted us. Dr. Lopez is so kind and went over a few things with us and then let us go on to bed. Tuesday morning at 7am sharp it all started. Blood tests, B12 injection, supplements, the first coffee enema, the first juice all began within the first 90 minutes of waking up. It was a bit of a whirlwind. Dr. Lopez sat with us again and explained some things and then off we went to eat breakfast in the recreation room. . . wow, the breakfast. I was a little shocked at our trays. I saw foods that I was a bit surprised by which I wasn’t expecting Ryan to eat. I didn’t even know everything on his plate. I could see Ryan’s face. The “oh crap” I need to eat this look. Of course neither one of us ate a lot and the doc came by and said, “Eat! Your body needs this food. It’s specifically balanced and your body needs all the energy for everything you are starting to do!” We tried. We didn’t do so well. Maybe next time. To be honest with you, the whole day was tough. All the enemas, all the juices, all the supplements throughout the day. Ryan didn’t have a hard time drinking the juices, just so many! We did have some funny moments as the ladies walk around with the juices hell bent on finding you no matter where you are in the building. They will find you and you will drink your fresh juice every hour on the hour! They are very sweet though!

To learn more about the Gerson Diet click here and here for a quick overview of allowed foods

The toughest part of the day was the I.V. For some reason Ryan’s veins were rolling and the veins weren’t giving output (my translation may be a bit off on the actual term/word). This is probably due to dehydration from the travel and the body’s shock from the onset of new diet, supplement & therapies (5 coffee enemas/day). Taking blood was super easy but getting the vein to stick for the IV was a different story. It took 5 attempts and on the last one she had to dig and just go for it. Thankfully, it stuck well and Ryan can keep it on for a few days since every day but Sunday’s he has some type of IV treatment. If the issue arises again, the doctor and surgeon have offered additional  options. We are hoping to not have to go with those options. Ryan is quite funny about having a port of any kind be put on his body.

iv sticks 5x

Once the IV was ready the nurse started the administration of the Coley’s Toxins. (to learn more about Coley’s click here and to watch a video about Coley’s click here.) I believe it took about 45 minutes for it to go into his body. Thru the whole process they take your vitals including temperature to monitor the reaction. Once the IV finished Ryan had another coffee enema. The purpose of the coffee enema is not to clear out the intestines, but the quart of water in the enema stimulates peristalsis in the gut. A portion of the water also dilutes the bile and increases the bile flow, thereby flushing toxic bile (loaded with toxins by the glutathione S-transferase enzyme system) out of the intestines. To learn more about coffee enemas click here.

Laying down while the enema slowly does its job.

Laying down while the enema slowly does its job.

Ryan was finishing up in the bathroom when all of a sudden the chills and muscle spasms hit. He literally yelled for me and we quickly dressed him. The nurse had just stepped out so I found her and she immediately came in and helped us get him in the bed and covered. She took all his vitals. With an understanding nod she smiled as this was a very good sign. The chills and spasms lasted about 20 minutes then his body rested thru a low grade fever of about 100-101 degrees. I know it is hard to understand, a fever?! Essentially the Coley’s toxin induces a reaction from the immune system. When the immune system goes on the attack it literally attacks the malignant cells. I have read many articles and old published material. What I find even more amazing is that Dr. Coley established his therapy back in 1893!!! For over 100 years doctors around the world have been administering Coley’s successfully!coleys sleeping

Ryan rested for about 30-45 minutes after the chills calmed, then dinner arrived. While Ryan was eating he realized that even though he was still hot his body actually felt good. I don’t quite understand it all but the doc and nurse were very pleased with his first treatment. Usually cancer patients exhibit little to no response on the first treatment because their immune systems are so compromised, but since Ryan had started hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) and vitamin C infusions last week he was already a step ahead. It was the boost Ryan needed to make it thru the end of the day.

There is so much more to share and I will be doing so as time allows. The doctors here treat a patient as a whole. They are not interested in just attacking the cancer and leaving the rest of the person ill physically and mentally. They realize that beating cancer and living a healthy life comes by looking at everything: mental, physical, diet, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and more. The conversations we have already had with the doctors have been therapeutic and soul searching. The only word I can say at this time that encompasses my emotions: PEACE. I’m so glad we are here. It might not be easy, but wow will it be worth it!

Live loved,
Live free . . . because YOLO!
~Caroline Luelf

PS: If you want to know more about the CHIPSA hospital and all the treatments Ryan will be doing while in Mexico please visit their website:

If you want to know all about the Gerson diet and enemas, please visit the CHIPSA website and the Gerson Institute’s website:

If you are interested in buying a coffee enema kit, you can do so here.

Live Loved,
Live Free . . . because YOLO!
~Caroline Luelf

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      • Hi Caroline and Ryan
        Just started reading your blog, its very thoughtful of you to share your experience so that others who are considering the treatment at the CHIPSA clinic, will be able to benefit from the knowledge you openly discuss on this forum. What type of Cancer is Ryan being treated for and how long will he be staying at the clinic. I spoke with Terry a few days ago, I am actually just gathering information for a friend that was recently diagnosed with Prostate cancer. I understand that there are several treatment protocols that they use which Includes the Gerson Therapy, Coley Toxin and the Oxygen treatment. On the CHIPSA website they made reference to Dr. Josef Issels program, is this treatment also done at the CHIPSA clinic, just wanted to know if that was also part of the treatment, or is it only done at the Issel clinic.

        How is Ryan body responding to the treatment so far, I realize its only been about 17 days or perhaps its longer. Best of luck to both of you


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  2. Thank you for sharing. You are Ryan’s wife, right? He will be in my prayers. Just one question….did Ryan juice specifically ‘Carrots’? They are a big “cancer fighter” I was told a few years ago. I am going on 5 years now (after diagnosis) and feel very well. I just began using CBD oil since October 10th and increased percentage (strength) and I am seeing shrinkage of my breast tumors already. I’ve read it will take several months so I am very happy and have no side effects. I will check on you guys daily and you can see my story on my facebook page too. from Jeri Arbuckle

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  3. Very inspirational. I believe in your journey and admire you both for sharing your story as it happens and hoe it’s going to help so many others. God bless you and your family, xoxo.

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  4. Congratulation to you both for finding and doing the Gerson therapy. I to have the exact same cancer as Ryan and went to the clinic in 2012. I have been on the therapy fully for 28 month and now on a reduced protocol. I can tell you that I have been symptom free for the past year and a half. So the therapy has worked for me and I will work for you. Stay committed and don’t cheat and the results will come. Bless you on your healing journey.

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  6. Wow I just saw your blog. I also have stage 4 cancer. Will be watching and praying in Jesus name. The name above all names for all of you. May you find His comfort. Feel His presence. Live by His faith. Be blessed by His joy. Blessings, E. W. Hettrick

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  7. This might be just what I need too. I was recently diagnosed with LCIS and DCIS breast cancer. They want to do surgery and radiation. From what I have read, there are people who are successful using other forms of treatment, and without surgery.

    I will be praying for you!

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