I wrote this poem the night after we received the news that Ryan would likely be diagnosed with Lymphoma . . . it has been 30 days since that night. I still feel the same way tonight. These words reflect much of my heart.

The thoughts you never thought you’d have.
The call you never thought you’d get.
The word you never want to hear for you,
For your spouse,
For your family,
In fact, for anyone that you know.
We all know it and we all know someone that has it.
Most fear it.
Most cringe at the sound.
Most don’t understand what it is.
Its voluminous weight.
Its death sentence waiting.
Its lie.
Its deceit.
It cheats life.
It imprisons many.
It hides until nothing is left.
That is, until you know the TRUTH.
It IS beatable.
It is an indicator asking for CHANGE.
It loses its strength the instant BELIEF increases.
Live Loved,
Live Free . . . because YOLO!
~Caroline Luelf

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